Saturday, August 9, 2008

Monkeytown and the town of monkeys

What a crazy place. Its hard to really describe the range of emotions and experiences that washed over us in the last days. Not having a host was an alienating experience, contrasting the last 30 days of full engagement with every place, person, and all the things we simply "have to see" and more commonly: "have to eat".
In this strange calm (the eye of the storm) we tried to process all the universes and microcosmos that we've passed through. In such a city as New York, its only possible to bite off a little tiny piece and chew on that for a while. So we did.
And now we're leaving again, heading back towards Philadelphia, in order to turn around and come back here in two weeks. The wear of traveling like this is starting to show, though we're still going full steam and loving every glimpse we get into all these worlds one have to see, and eat.


adi silberberg said...

so... another english lesson 4 me:)
of course - it's a bit more challenging 2 read toms writing, but anyhow - it's charming 2 read both of your experiences in your distinctive styles.

the trip itself sounds fantastic of course - so many interesting things, & it seems u r enjoying it vety much.
my favorite post of the bunch i read this time was the 1 with the metal heads.

keep having fun!

manymyrms said...

So did you have a crowd at the monkeytown gig?
Great to hear all is well. Yeah as you start heading west I am sure there will be a bit of a let down.
You two have really covered a lot of territory!
Lots of love,