Wednesday, August 6, 2008


New York
New York
The cold Tom and I royally exchanged in DC is almost gone by now, but tissue papers and cough suppressants are still populating many corners of the fantastic Harlem loft we're staying in. (Speaking of the loft, on the left is a picture we took from the roof).

We haven't been on the back of a motorcycle for 3 days now. 3 full days that our trusty vehicle is balanced on the wide sidewalk, well covered and left alone. We too are left alone. for the first time in three weeks it's only us two, not even a motorcycle seat away from one another.
We've been walking around town, cooking our own meals, watching films (a stash of Almodovar dvd's was found in the loft.) we've been taking showers, talking and drinking wine. We stopped, just for a little. and we like it.

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manymyrms said...

Wow Guys,

It looks like you have a wonderfully clear day to view Ny, NY. Yeah, being off the bike can have its advantages. Enjoy getting your walking legs back. I wish you much luck in getting a good turnout tonight. I don't have any addresses to send this to. Lots of love,