Wednesday, February 23, 2011

knotty pine

Many things have transpired during the last ten days. Ultimately, irregardless of the strangeness of our lives, the six concerts Controllar performed in Nagoya and Tokyo have been deeply spiritual moments.

Something in the universe may have been saying no, but our gentle reproach to the universe has been heard, and we will leave Japan stronger, wiser and grateful for all the wonderful people who have made this experience what it is.

thank you

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a breath of something intangible

This city has an elusive magic. It makes you talk strange, and reminds you constantly how little of it you will ever get to know. Millions and millions of people squished into such space: most people must spend half of their lives on the trains.

Today was the first day in the entire tour that we left the house without our bags: computer backpack, sound card flightcase, suitcase with costumes and merchandise and finally the guitar. (every day we give thanks for not having brought the guitar amp!) It was such a pleasure to walk without the thunderous sound of our rolling suitcase to accompany us. Of course this doesn't imply any amount of quiet! The amount of melodic, harmonic and disharmonic sound to accompany all the 'normal' noise here is truly insane. I secretly want to believe that half of the people wearing headphones in the train are only doing so to block some of the noise out and listen to silence. But nevertheless, not having all the luggage did decrease our travel time substantially!

The city sputters and breathes, wheezes & flows, and everywhere there are little eddies where people gather in small groups, like the soup hook. & everything spins uncontrollably towards the next show of controllar.

everybody loves

style and passion. Only to understand that we don't understand. Enormous, minute details and trains trains and more trains.
This is Japan.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Controllar on U-stream

today! (saturday) Live from VIO in Nagoya you can also watch!! see times below.

Nagoya: 23h35
Amsterdam: 15h35
Minneapolis: 7h35
Tel Aviv: 16h35

Friday, February 11, 2011

flying by the seat of our pants

a flash of airports, trainstations, immigration and snowy sleet. In spite of traveling half way around the world, the cloud of money worries managed to follow us all the way to Japan. Safe in the american embassy of Starbucks, we have made the necessary adjustments to acquire all the yen we should need in the next 14 days.
And now, we will leave this cup of coffee behind for our trip to Nagoya!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Amongst past & future vol. 2

Designed by Atelier Hugo Herrera Tobón, Jan 2011

Amongst past & future vol. 1

Designed by Atelier Hugo Herrera Tobón, Jan 2010

Monday, January 31, 2011

I threw it on the ground

Old, new, with guitar and without.