Monday, December 17, 2012

nother city, A

Since we left our house on dec 9th with our collective, we have been searching for things. Everything in fact. Some of those things we have found, and some we have not. But today we have made a significant step forward in our search for rehearsal space in Brussels. There are few of those type of MusyQ spaces which have come to dominate the musical world; spaces where "all the music comes together"; spaces which "facilitate interaction and networking"; spaces which cost too much, and give tardy marks if you're late. Of course no dream comes without a price, but when I have the choice to pay in money ($,€,₪ or silver) or in time (sec, min, hrs, days, weeks or months) I will always choose time. Which is funny, since there is only a finite amount of time, whereas there seems to be an unlimited amount of money. (although not in my possesion.) Gur will arrive on the 8th of jan 2013. This is the concrete deadline to start moving forward again, and stop wasting time on imaginary add campaigns which only lead to imaginary fans. Now the music is coming again!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

listening with both ears!

and now you can take us home with you

Sunday, December 2, 2012

G i r l

The tour is long past, and snow has covered the ground.
But we're busy, and excited, and have a little treat for you (and for us)!