Thursday, August 7, 2008

Audience is needed

Here's a small request: we just got an email from Monkeytown, saying that we have no reservation for our gig tomorrow. Reservations are handy in this venue since Monkeytown is tiny: if one wants to sit during the concert - reservation is the safe way to go.
So- we need reservations, which means- we need audience, which means: we need your help.
We want people to come and see that gig since it's going to be a sweet one: we will be playing in a great location and back to back with the local duo project She keeps bees, who makes some fantastic stuff.
So if you're in town, or know someone who's around and loves heart crunching electronics and vocals, let them know that we and she keeps bees will be playing our hearts out for them tomorrow night. here are the juicy details:
58 N 3rd St
(btw. Kent & Wythe)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211
From 20:30 on
Telephone number for reservations: 718.384.1369

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