Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chicago, August 19th

We didn't write for a while. I guess it has something to do with the feeling that the tour is somehow dying out, or to be more precise: It seems that we are sliding slowly into a more recognizable realm, where the people we meet and the roads we drive on are familiar again.
Completing the tour's loop we are heading back: back to the Midwest, back to Chicago (and eventually Minnesota), getting closer and closer every day to lifting off (back) to Europe.
Since our last shows have been more spread out, we had some time to think about Controllar's future and what are the next steps to follow. We haven't come to a final conclusion, but we are looking into the different possibilities and eagerly discussing them in every free moment. We are excited about this band. Controllar was so well received, much more than any of us expected. We want to go places with this project and we have some great ideas on how to keep developing it. We are very proud of Controllar and of ourselves for making it what it is.
That's a good thing.


manymyrms said...

Hey Guys,
Yeah, I have had people ask if you are getting tired of being on the road or the end of your tour. I am sure you may collapse once to get back to MN. I hope you can rest before you lift off for A'dam.

Hope your performance in Chi town goes really well. Say hello to Aurelian and Adell.

Travel well. See you soon.


Ted Danyluk said...

It was really great meeting the both of you. Your music is definitely unique, and that is a very good thing. It has a certain attitude about it, and the sound grows on me more and more, and that is another good thing. I'm glad I made it out to see/hear you. Awesome T's too. I'm happy to have shared some of my craft with you as well. Thanks.