Monday, July 28, 2008

The providence phoenix

""Arts + Entertainment | July 25, 20078 pg 3""
-- 8 days a week--
hooks, sparks, mockery, a last hurrah, and green Art
_by Jim Macnie

Monday 28
Plugged In
A wash of eerie synth mixes with a heartbeat pulse, and then a man and woman begin to exchange lines: "If you want to get rich/put your suit on every day/ smile all the way/ count your coins at night/ listen to all they say/ keep your fear at bay/'cause your a rat in a maze." [sic] The Amsterdam-based duo Controllar
- singer Anat Spiegel and laptop jock Thomas Myrmel - are a hoot. Imagine 'Everything But the Girl' as an evil, experimental empire, and you have something to chew on. They're a part of an all-electronic night at AS220, 115 Empire Street, Providence. Sacred Objects, Banter/3.1, and Jasali plug in starting at 9pm | $6 | 401.831.9327 |

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ARTEk said...

Thats right...the evil Tracy Thorn and Lefty Tronics, thats love right there...hope y'all well and that we get to see you guys soooon back in the kingdom. Vega