Monday, July 14, 2008


It's monday afternoon in Chicago, the weather is lovely and Thomas if fumbling about with his new mistress, also known as the P5 glove. We've decided that despite the road constructions and the 7 ways intersections we love Chicago. We love it for the Korean food at 4am, we love it for the lovely art school short skirts girls, and we love it for the bus that has a cable you can pull before the stop.
We love it because the Elastic arts foundation, where we saw a really nice concert last night, is located inside a Chinese restaurant. Now that's what I call Elastic.
So we went to listen to some local music, starting with the mellow folk of Tim Lowly and ending with the electric eccentricity of Aaron Ackerson . As one can expect, it was a radical night where boys who were dressed like girls, water that tasted like beer and a bike mechanic who swore she will never fix bikes again were all mashed into one.
Before Lowly we saw two nameless folk/ dramatic song acts, both good, and both highly populated with nice looking girls. ( I specifically liked the amazingly beautiful cello player, who had a dance solo in the middle of a ballad. random, but she pulled it off.) In the middle of Lowly's set we had to leave so we can arrive on time to the town hall bar and see Ackerson. Lowly concentrated minimal folk is probably as far as can be from the mic ripping, keytar (yes, keytar) kicking and "keep god out of Canada" of Ackerson. It was a blast.
when we came back to Ethan's house and found Boo the cat lying in our bed we realized we just found yet another reason to love Chicago. yes.

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