Saturday, July 12, 2008

Madison- Chicago and a cat with a cone

Hi ya'll!
Good morning. we've been happily experimenting with some schedule twitching: going to bed at 3am and getting up at 12pm. It's going pretty smoothly, even for Thomas, who just left Ethan's apartment to go and get us some coffee. We're in Chicago. Ethan is our amazing host whom we met last night for the first time.
Madison was lovely. We had a magnificent crowd of 8 people who came to see us at the annex. It was a stormy night and Joe white played on some plastic buckets. I had a double espresso vodka. A guy with thousand dollars cash in his pocket bought 4 of our T shirts.
We had a good time.
After the gig we drove through the rain to lovely Erica's house of charms, where we slept and had coffee and saw all the gadgets her roommate Jonah is working on.
Then We were on the motorcycle again, taking off our leather jackets at any chance we got. Erica told us that the roads in Wisconsin are so good because of all the milk farms. She said they had to make roads that will allow easy milk transportation. I like that thought. and I like the roads, too.
Tonight we will be playing at Lilly's bar, but Tom just came back with some coffee, so more updates later.


Meg said...

Hey Tom and Anat,
I'm glad to see you made it to Madison safely. It looked on the internet like you were heading into some nasty weather once you left our place. Nothing like finding out if your stuff is waterproof right off the bat.

Grandma H. came to my show last night and left in a tornado warning--sirens going off and everything!

Glad things are going well for you!

Love Aunt Meg

manymyrms said...

Hi Tom and Anat,
Glad to hear you got some coffee! Enjoy the tour. Sounds like a great start, selling shirts and playing music!

Lots of love,

Unknown said...

shalom to tom and anat!
i enjoy reading your adventures from the tour! i wish you a nice weather,and a lot of succes!
i see that we all family here...

love you, ima