Saturday, January 9, 2010

CD release in the Nieuwe Anita

It was like the tide coming in.

The last weeks have been some of the most intense in our lives; and besides that, we were mastering, printing and sewing our new CD

It was an enormous amount of work, and we loved every bump and snowy maneuver along the way.

After finishing sewing the covers yesterday at four thirty, we packed it all up and tied it tightly to our bikes and braved the snowy roads of the Amsterdam winter to arrive at the Nieuwe Anita.

We did, and many other people did as well! There was a magical electricity, perhaps from the extreme cold, or the low ceilings, but the Nieuwe Anita was alight with cocktails, and January passion. And we felt it, and we breathed it, and it was good.

We want to thank everyone for coming and joining this amazing Subbacultcha party, and making it such a wonderful CD release experience!

And now, now we're ready. The tide will go back out, and we'll fly away with it, to write about a whole other set of adventures. But it all started here. It was just so very fine.

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